ECT Details

Details for Website:

Information available to consumers on the web site where such goods or services are offered:

  1. Its full name and legal status;

  2. its physical address and telephone number;

  3. its web site address and e-mail address;

  4. membership of any self-regulatory or accreditation bodies to which that supplier belongs or subscribes and the contact details of that body;

  5. any code of conduct to which that supplier subscribes and how that code of conduct may be accessed electronically by the consumer;

  6. in the case of a legal person, its registration number, the names of its office bearers and its place of registration;

  7. the physical address where that supplier will receive legal service of documents;

  8. a sufficient description of the main characteristics of the goods or services offered by that supplier to enable a consumer to make an informed decision on the proposed electronic transaction;

  9. the full price of the goods or services, including transport costs, taxes and any other fees or costs;

  10. the manner of payment;

  11. any terms of agreement, including any guarantees, that will apply to the transaction and how those terms may be accessed, stored and reproduced electronically by consumers;

  12. the time within which the goods will be dispatched or delivered or within which the services will be rendered;

  13. the manner and period within which consumers can access and maintain a full record of the transaction;

  14. the return, exchange and refund policy of that supplier;

  15. any alternative dispute resolution code to which that supplier subscribes and how the wording of that code may be accessed electronically by the consumer;

  16. the security procedures and privacy policy of that supplier in respect of payment, payment information and personal information;

  17. where appropriate, the minimum duration of the agreement in the case of agreements for the supply of products or services to be performed on an ongoing basis or recurrently; and

  18. the rights of consumers in terms of section 44, where applicable.