• Is HideRate really anonymous?

    Absolutely. When you sign up for HideRate, the only thing that shows up to other users is your username. We don't show pictures, real names and we don't even give away specific details about your past yachting jobs. This can however be changed on your profile if you so wish.

  • How do the ratings work?

    Ratings go on a scale of 1 to 10. Since our goal is to highlight the positives, a low rating only indicates industry standards or a mediocre level at worst.

  • is this just a platform for owner bashing?

    No way! In fact, we don't let users discuss owners or their lifestyles. This website is geared toward working crew members and deals with job related information.

  • How does Hiderate really help me?

    Have you ever heard the term, "Who watches the watchers?" In other words, if people are rating me, who's rating them? That's why this site was created - to even the playing field. Employers have always had the power to dictate, even to some degree, your next job.

    Imagine now if they know that they're also being rated. People tend to perform better and treat each other better when they know that they're being graded. Hiderate gives you the opportunity to add your voice and to be honest about your experiences.

    HideRate is about making sure that the right crew sign aboard the right vessels - and that owners and crew members alike have the most positive experiences possible.

  • Are the yachts protected too?

    While the name of the yacht and an exterior picture are shown... because we have to... Hiderate isn't about singling anyone out or a platform for bad mouthing. A yacht gets a higher rating by providing a positive working environment.

  • How is the yacht's rating legally represented?

    • All images are of the exterior and from the perspective of someone walking by.
    • Non-disclosure agreements are signed with all participating yachts to protect the privacy of the owners.
    • Information is posted regarding the work and not the passengers.

  • Is the service free?

    Much like linkedin, this service is 100% free for the user when you start out. The only time a user would ever chose to pay is to unlock all of the features of the site without earning enough points. The first 500 users who sign up will receive free platinum membership (all features unlocked) and will never be asked to pay a cent. There are no HIDDEN costs ever.

  • What are the memberships and ways to earn points?

    These features can be used by Green members. These features can be used by Gold members. Platinum members can use all of the features. Gold membership requires 1,000 points and platinum membership requires 1,600 points. Adding a yacht = 100, years within the industry = 40, Months spent as active user = 20, adding other users = 10 and sharing = 40 and adding an image =