Here's How it Works:
  • Create Your Account
    Click on the "Register" button at the top of the page. Fill in your personal information and upload the appropriate documentation. Upload both your Proof of employment & your Proof of identification to become a verified user.
  • Add Your Experience
    Your profile will only be active for 24 hours until you add your experience. In order to unlock access to the yacht's full profiles, you need to add your experience first. Begin by clicking the Hiderate logo -> Type your yacht's name into the search bar -> Click on the yacht that you previously worked on -> Click "Add this yacht to my profile".
    If your yacht is not in our database, click on "My yachts", then click "Add Yacht" -> Select a yacht from the database -> Add New Yacht -> follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Privacy
    You need to ensure that your personal information is either hidden or visible to other users. Begin by clicking on the "My profile" tab and decide whether you want your information to be hidden or not. If you opt to hide your profile, you will not be able to see anyone else's private information.
  • Start Browsing
    Click on the Hiderate logo OR the "Yacht Search" button and chose the filters that best suit your search preferences.
  • Add Images
    Adding images is an easy way to make points and unlock new features for your profile. You can add images to any yacht that you want. After clicking on any yacht's profile, scroll down and either drag your desired images into the drop box or click on the "Choose files" button.
  • Add Comment
    After clicking on the yacht's profile, scroll right down the bottom of the page and then select a preset comment and/or add in your own. Please note that all comments will need to be verified by the admin as to avoid any defamation, slander or embarrassment.
  • Send A Message To Another User
    If you already know the username of the user you would like to message, you can search for that username in the "User search" feature. Alternatively click on the username of any user that you want to message and click "Send message".
  • Upgrading Your Profile
    You can unlock new features by acquiring points and getting promoted up the membership ladder. Sharing the website and inviting users are just some of the ways to get points.